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  • Paoli Vetcare is the best around! It’s the only place I will take my pug for medical care, daycare, or boarding! — Nextdoor Review

    Colleen Mita
  • The best vet hands down! Helped us so much when our dog was diagnosed with Pancreatitis and Diabetes. He was instrumental in ensuring Duke a longer quality of life and he was very aware of how expensive his treatments were. Of course money is no object when it comes to our fur babies; but he recognized that the ER Vet we were taking him to was billing us and doing unneeded tests.
    — Nextdoor Review

    Anne Sudzina
  • Dr. Dawn is incredible. The overall, cozy and warm feel of the office is very appealing, and I had a great experience.

    Nancy Holmes
  • Dr. Rowan explains things so well. I love how he gets down on the floor with the dogs. He never spends my money on unnecessary testing. He always makes you feel like you are taking good care of your dog and gently gives suggestions to improve things.

    Lisa Ostrich
  • Finding a good vet is more difficult than anyone may have ever thought, certainly that was our case. We took our Boston Terrier (6 years old), whom is not the most socialized pupper in the world, there to establish a new vet relationship. We recently lost our puggle (whom was 11) so we are really making sure we head off any sort of health issues early on. Everyone was very friendly and professional. The people who are there are there because of their love of animals and definitely not a corporate environment that has seemingly crept into this industry. Dr. Urioste was very gentle with our Margot with her calm and reassuring manner. She was also good at explaining and dispelling some regularly accepted myths (eg. Grainfree dog food has shown to actually be bad for dogs, certain flea and tick treatment issues etc.) She was in no way pushy (that definitely seems to be the motivation of the newer corporate vet offices) but she was prescriptive when giving advice, which was definitely appreciated. Their prices were very fair, with the care being top notch. Will definitely return and would recommend. — Google Review 🐾

  • It was so great to receive a follow-up phone call the day after my dog’s oral surgery just to check in on her well being. That extra step really makes you feel like your animal is cared for beyond the time they spend in the office.

    Shannon Boyle
  • They’re always friendly when I walk in the door. They take the time with our pets and don’t rush through the exam. I would highly recommend!

    Mary V
  • For the last 20+ years we have been very fortunate to have Dr Rowan as our dogs’ veterinarian. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, and a very skilled doctor and surgeon.

    The staff is kind, helpful and dedicated. We highly recommend Paoli Vetcare!

    Client Reviews 20 years

    Gary And Sue Smith
  • Paoli Vetcare:

    Always listens

    Always cares

    Rose Freed
  • We always feel that the care is excellent. Concerned and personable doctors. One of the most caring doctors we ever had.

    Client Review Debra Pincar Kia and Mia

    Debra Pincar
  • We love Paoli Vetcare. They are awesome, caring, informative and I never feel rushed. They want to make sure I have every one of my questions answered.” — Nextdoor Recommendation 🐾

    Jim Pitofsky
  • Dr Rowen and Dr Dawn and their staff are friendly, knowledgeable and kind. My puppy Ruby loves going there to play with the other dogs. — Nextdoor Review

    Cheryl Stipa 
  • We highly recommend Paoli Vetcare. Dr. Rowan and the staff have been caring for our two cats for all of their 17 years, and I could not imagine taking them anywhere else.

    Jeffery Beale
  • Dr. Rowan at Paoli Vet Care. He correctly diagnosed my eight year old cat with a thyroid tumor after her original vet brushed off her rapid weight loss as “she’s just getting old.” Dr. Rowan operated on the thyroid and the cat went on to live another healthy, sassy 12 years.” — Nextdoor Recommendation 🐾

    Kim Wright
  • My pets receive great care – and the vets take a collaborative approach with me.

    client reviews Dana Felt and Stewie

    Dana Felt
  •  My dogs have been patients there for years. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with their health. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Rowan, he’s knowledgeable, easy to talk to and understand, and he truly loves his patients, it shows!

    June Gregory
  • Many thanks to Dr Rowan for seeing our sick dog before his surgeries. He calls you to discuss your dog and is an all round great vet. I’ve been a customer for more than 16 years and only bring my dog here.

    Janice England, Newtown Square
  • The front desk staff, are courteous and professional. And Dr. Rowan is the best.

    Michele Sawyer
  • Dr Dawn is amazing!

    Leslie Holt
  • Great staff! Dr Rowan is the best! 

    Veterinarian Customer Review

    Barbara Mcdonald
  • We have taken our dogs to Paoli Vetcare for 20 years. Dr. Rowan helped us navigate multiple bouts of cancer with our goldens and, we believe, extended the life of our female because of his excellent care. This is an excellent veterinary practice.

    Vanessa Weisman
  • Dr. Rowan is the best!

    Nancy Jamieson
  • Simply the best! They take wonderful care of our furry friend and are lovely to deal with.

    Tracy Johnson
  • This was the second time that we saw Dr. Dawn for our 5 pound Chihuahua. She was absolutely wonderful with her—including taking blood from her. She answered all our questions and I feel very comfortable with her as Lucky’s vet.

    Suzanne Rosen
  • Such a great place. Jay Rowan Is an amazing vet, and his staff is so helpful and accommodating. I appreciate Dr. Rowan’s practical and thoughtful approach to caring for my dogs. I trust him completely. The whole team has been taking excellent care of my fur babies for almost 20 years.

    Betsy Hargus
  • I really like the doctor we saw. I feel like r. Rowan does a good exam and is good about communicating any issues, etc. I also feel like he doesn’t go overboard and order any unnecessary tests. He has seen my dog for three visits now.

    Melinda Jennnings
  • Overall great staff and wonderful doctors.

    When i visit for nail clip I am seen right away—always friendly and professional.

    Chris Switucha
  • Doctors and staff have always be kind to both us and our dogs. Been coming for 40 plus years.

    Client Reviews 40 years

    Kathleen Rice
  • Paoli Vetcare is the best and we love Jay Rowan and his staff.

    Vet Emergency or urgent care

    Sally Fridy
  • We love Paoli Vetcare and so does our dog Jasper.

    Heather M.
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