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Since 1997 we have been clients of Dr Rowan and Company. Our first dog was Woodward aka Woody, the largest of the litter a Golden Retriever. Next we downsized and went with a Cairn Terrier and he managed to meet and survive an opossum. Not without a Rabies booster though. Now we are on our 2nd Cairn but this one is a true Terrorist. Kobe is mellowing out now a bit thanks to Prozac and Dr Rowan & Team.

Client Review by Bob Plout — Cairn Terrier Kobe

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Bob Plout

Paoli Vetcare has state-of-the-art COVID safety protocols:
Taking my 2 cats for annual exams was done with great respect for Covid protocol–and of course also for my kitties! Contactless and easy phone discourse to chat about cat health; was very easy.

5 Star Customer Review


Carrie Waldron-Brown

Paoli Vetcare provides great value!


Lento Columbo

Paoli Vetcare has amazing support by clients on Nextdoor and had been especially recognized for our Fear Free® approach to the care of cats. We’ve been voted the Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite Veterinarian every year since voting began!!
Paoli Vetcare is the best. I have been taking my pets there for 15 years. Dr Rowan is an excellent diagnostician and has treated one of my cats with multiple ailments with great success. Janine is wonderful with cats and the practice took great care of my sick kitty when he was boarded.

Best Vet Near Me

Sofie Gruskin

Paoli Vetcare has state-of-the-art COVID safety protocols:
Even before COVID, Dr Rowan, Dr Dawn and all of the staff at Paoli Vetcare were consummate, caring professionals. Since COVID, I have been so impressed with all of the protocols they have in place to protect our animals, their staff, and of course, us.
They manage to maintain every bit of kindness and care, no matter the circumstances, and I feel so at ease knowing my dogs are getting the best possible care. The community that makes up Paoli Vetcare deserve our support, as they support us and our pets. I recommend them without reservation!


Positive Customer Review

A llo

Paoli Vetcare has state-of-the-art COVID safety protocols:
I love Dr. Dawn. They’ve been taking fantastic care of my new puppy Ziggy who is now a year old. The Receptionists are great and they do a great job with the whole Covid thing — I love Paoli VetCare.

Paoli Vet Care Positive Review


Map Plen

Paoli Vetcare has state-of-the-art COVID safety protocols:
Great experience bringing my puppy here for his first vet visit! The staff was super friendly and everything felt very safe and organized under COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Paoli Vet Care 5 Star Review


Laura Tucker

Paoli Vetcare has state-of-the-art COVID safety protocols:
We are new clients and the Paoli Vet team did a great job of taking care of our pup. Their protocols made us feel very safe. The staff was very friendly and professional!

Positive Paoli Ver Care 5 Star Review


Matt Freimuth

We have been going to Dr. Rowan and Paoli Vet Care for the past 20 years and can only say one thing… you will never find a better vet and staff that will care for you and your pet!! Absolutely they best in the area!!!

Dr. Rowan 5 Star Review


Kyle Wildemore

We had a really good experience taking our large dog here. Our dog is very scared of the vet and Paoli Vetcare did a great job trying to make him comfortable and make sure he had a good experience.
In the past, we’ve had vets not give our dog a full exam because he was scared and they didn’t feel comfortable with him, but that was not the case here! They took the time to give him the personal attention that helps him have a good experience!
The COVID experience was really smooth (car side drop-off for his appointment) and they even let my husband bring him in to meet the vet tech to try to help with his experience.
I took off a star because we had to wait almost 45 minutes for them to get to us, but to me, that communicates that Paoli Vetcare is willing to take the time needed for each animal, rather than rushing through, and having a scared dog, that means a lot, though I know others don’t always feel that way.
Thanks for an awesome experience!

Paoli Vet Care 4 Star Review


Sydney Tilley

Endearing, smart, passionate team over there! I took my ~11 week old puppy here for his first exam. Quite frankly, I was unsettled about being separated from him when they took him in for the exam (probably more so than he was)! As soon as I met the individuals who were coordinating the little guy’s care, I felt at ease.
I was instructed to give him some medications, and I was a little overwhelmed by the process. I was instructed to call whenever I had any sort of question or concern about the regiment, and the as provided a ton of useful information about puppy training, behavior, health, etc. Again, I found myself at ease. Highly recommended. Thank you!

5 Star Veterinarian Customer Review


John Keough

Paoli Vetcare has been voted Nextdoor’s Neighborhood Favorite Veterinarian every year since voting began. Here’s a typical review on Nextdoor: 

Best Vet Review

Best Main Line Vet Review

Barbara Bagge

Paoli Vetcare is and will be the BEST caretakers of animals in Philadelphia Regions. We have been dealing with Paoli for almost 20 years and we Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts and all the way from Norway!

Nina Dilly from Norway - Thor & Odin

Nina Dilly

I have been coming to Paoli Vet Care for years. I feel the staff genuinely treats my pets as if they were there own. I will continue to bring my pets. And, any future fur babies that may join our family in the future ????

Donna S.

Paoli Vet Staff are very knowledgeable, helpful, courteous and friendly. My two dogs have received excellent care from Jay Rowan, for over 20 years! Jay is a personable, knowledgeable, exceptional vet who loves his furry patients as does his staff.

Mirella R.

Dr. Rowan took the time to listen to my concerns regarding my dog’s symptoms and completed a thorough examination.

Cathryn W.

We’ve been clients of Paoli Vetcare for over twenty years. We’ve been through tough times over these years with the loss of our Golden’s. Dr. Jay Rowan has always been professional, kind and caring. Our new lab rescue loves his visits! PVC Rocks!

Deborah & Richard K.

Our dachshund, Waldi, absolutely loves going to Paoli Vetcare, for day care or a visit with the wonderful staff. He practically drags me in the door when we arrive.

Waldi Client Reviews

Maryanne B.

Convenient location, nice size facility, same day appointments, friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Barb P.

For the last 20+ years, we have been very fortunate to have Dr. Rowan as our dogs’ veterinarian. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, and a very skilled doctor and surgeon. The staff is kind, helpful and dedicated. We highly recommend Paoli Vetcare!

Gary and Sue S.

Great animal hospital! Very sympathetic and helpful when my baby, Ollie, ate my prescription pills. He is fine, now, thanks to Dr. Jay.

Joanne D client Review - Ollie

Joanne D.

Paoli Vet was recommended to us when we adopted Miggs. We have been very happy with all of the doctors who provide care to our dog!

Ellen S.

Dr. Rowan is an amazing vet and I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

Paoli Vetcare always provides excellent care for Gisele. The office staff knows exactly who I am when I call & they have Gisele’s info in front of them before I even ask my questions. She always receives superb care from Dr. Rowan & team. It’s easy!

Diane Abruzzi Client Review Gisele

Diane Abruzzese Connell

They are the most caring people in every way. They took care of every need for our dogs.

Robert D.

Dr. Rowan is the best!!! Specializes in bulldogs, too.

Cindy M.

We love Paoli Vetcare and so does our dog Jasper.

Heather M.

Paoli Vetcare is the service for my hound pack (Skycastle Hounds) and my household pets as well. You do a superior job.

You consistently provide top care for our pack!

Skycastle Hounds Client Review

James Scharnberg

We love Paoli Vetcare. We’ve never received mediocre service ever. Staff was amazing when we had to put our Benny to sleep & have always been amazing to all our dogs

Brenda Elko

Gracie would rather be at Paoli Vetcare than home with her two feline siblings. The daycare staff, especially Kim, fuss over her. All act genuinely glad to see her. I don’t have to feel guilty at work or on vacation. Thanks, all.

Kathy Dernoga

I feel like Paoli Vetcare knows me and my dogs are a personal level. Dr. Dawn, with whom I mostly interact, checks in, returns calls, never seems rushed, and clearly genuinely likes her work. The staff is friendly but highly professional.

Client Review - Dawn Altman

Dawn Altman

I always recommend Paoli Vetcare. Dr. Rowan and Dr. “Dawn” are consistently compassionate and invested in keeping our dogs happy and healthy.

We also LOVE the rest of the staff as we depend heavily on them when we board our dogs.

I truly appreciate Dr. Urioste’s personal interest in my pet and especially her follow up phone calls—most vets do not do this. Thanks Dr. Urioste!!

Cindy Cornish

Dr. Jay Rowan and his staff have always been very professional, accommodating and mostly caring and compassionate in the eight years I have been going to them with my dog. They always provide a safe, clean and friendly atmosphere. Highly recommend!

Jane Ginsberg

We have been with Paoli Vet Care for many years. They took wonderful care of our previous dog, Minnow, and now are caring for Waldi. Waldi loves day care, seeing the doctors, and I am very confident that he is receiving excellent care.

Maryanne Boettjer

Dr. Dawn Urioste goes out of her way to be particularly gentle and caring with our cat, and particularly courteous and informative in her interaction with my wife and me. The rest of the staff is consistently courteous and considerate to both of us. 

You do everything I expect a quality veterinary service to do, and do it well. Vet service is high quality, and extreme care and affection is shown towards our cat during the visit.


Karl W. (Bill) Scholz

I always trust my dog will be in excellent hands and will never have to worry if she is safe whenever I drop my puppy off for day care!! Paoli Vetcare is the best vet on the MainLine!!

Kyle Wildemore

Dr Rowan is the best Vet on the Main Line!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️  Dr Rowan!!!

Patricia Fabiano

Dr. Rowan and the staff offer both great professionalism and genuine care to both the pets and their families. We have always felt welcomed, respected, and cared for.

Client Review Robin Stevens

Robin Stevens

Doctors and staff have always be kind to both us and our dogs. Been coming for 40 plus years.

Client Reviews 40 years

Kathleen Rice

Overall great staff and wonderful doctors.

When i visit for nail clip I am seen right away—always friendly and professional.

Chris Switucha

This was the second time that we saw Dr. Dawn for our 5 pound Chihuahua. She was absolutely wonderful with her—including taking blood from her. She answered all our questions and I feel very comfortable with her as Lucky’s vet.

Suzanne Rosen

I really like the doctor we saw. I feel like r. Rowan does a good exam and is good about communicating any issues, etc. I also feel like he doesn’t go overboard and order any unnecessary tests. He has seen my dog for three visits now.

Melinda Jennnings

Have been coming to you guys for years before Piper came along. You have always provided excellent service to all my babies ❤️ And, I will continue to come as long as she lives.

client review stock photo cat

Donna Saporosa

Dr. Rowan is the best!

Nancy Jamieson

We have taken our dogs to Paoli Vetcare for 20 years. Dr. Rowan helped us navigate multiple bouts of cancer with our goldens and, we believe, extended the life of our female because of his excellent care. This is an excellent veterinary practice.

Client Reviews 20 years

Vanessa Weisman

The front desk staff, are courteous and professional. And Dr. Rowan is the best.

Michele Sawyer

Very professional and friendly atmosphere and service.

Kathleen Pennypacker

I’ve been coming to you for almost fifty years and see no reason to go anywhere else.

Client Review 50 Years

Dan Margherita

Dr. Rowan is so caring and compassionate. He is incredibly experienced and never makes you feel rushed or just like a “number” in the practice. He’s friendly, approachable and the best vet we’ve ever had!

Trisha Larkin

Dr. Dawn Urioste is very kind and understanding. My dog was very ill and she went out of her way to offer comfort and knowledge to help our dog. She truly cares about her patients.

Megan Smith-Classen

My dog loves coming to your office! Best indicator of this being a great place 😁

Phyllis Rohn

We’ve been coming to Paoli vet for 10+ years now. Jamie is always treated wonderfully. This last visit was unexpected and I was able to bring her in first thing in the morning for her to be checked out by Dr. Rowan. Thank to all!

Client Review 10 years

Maria Durante

I love the vet that we’ve been seeing—Dr. Dawn. She makes me feel great and at ease about everything—not to mention she has a wonderful sense of humor and really shows that she cares.

I feel as though your prices are extremely reasonable as well.

John Pernock

My cat vomited her food for 2 days, ate little if anything, the following 2 days. Emily suggested what to feed her & symptoms to monitor before I could bring her in for an office visit. I dropped my cat off and quickly received call from Dr. Dawn with thorough information and a diagnosis. Now all is well.

Kay Blatt

I love Dr. Dawn, she is, by far, the best vet I have ever encountered. I’ve been a pet owner for 40+ years. Casey loves his massages after his check-up and Micki, she’s still not too sure… Thank you all!

Joyce Cole

Great experience for our dogs—I have never left them before & they looked great when I picked them up & it was such a relief knowing I didn’t have to worry if they were ok when I was away!
Will use Paoli Vetcare’s pet hotel again.

Colleen Lynam

Excellent service, knowledge, skills and really nice to our pets.

Kate M.

Our 1st visit exceeded our expectations—the interaction with us—but more importantly with Ruby was fantastic. Could not be more pleased.

David LaPrise

Dr. Dawn is Amazing and I would never go anywhere else! She makes Yogi, my pug, feel so comfortable and loved. Dr. Dawn is the Best!!!!! Yogi loves her 😃  She truly has a heart of gold!

Dawn is amazing!!! Yogi loves getting his care and checkups. Always 🥰

Katrina Kut

We have only seen Dr. Rowan once but at that time he was amazing—Sammie LOVED him—staff members are all very sweet. 


Celeste Koukos

We have been taking our current and previous cats there for over 20 years. Very thoughtful and professional care.

Stephen Strauss

We always feel that the care is excellent. Concerned and personable doctors. One of the most caring doctors we ever had.

Client Review Debra Pincar Kia and Mia

Debra Pincar

Dr. Dawn takes the time and explains all of the issues and concerns with me. I feel that my pets are well taken care of.

Julie Koblish

Jay, Dawn and the team at Paoli Vetcare have been very dedicated to all of us. We have a history with the practice that goes back to Doc Hower, and Jay Rowan has been an extraordinary successor in that practice. The team is compassionate, dedicated.

Pol Duffy

We board our dog with you and are always 100% satisfied.

Linda Clarke

Both Dr. Rowan and Dr. Dawn are excellent practitioners.

Dr. Dawn provides excellent care for the pet as well as the owner.

The staff is polite and helpful.

Bonnie Berman

Paoli Vetcare:

Always listens

Always cares

Rose Freed

Great environment, clearly they all love animals!

Bernadette Gallen

Paoli Vetcare is the best and we love Jay Rowan and his staff.

Vet Emergency or urgent care

Sally Fridy

You know it’s a great place when your dog loves going to the vet!!

Phyllis Rohn

I use Paoli Vetcare regularly for both my dog and cat. This visit was an “emergency” visit on a Saturday, and they got my dog in right away. Dr. Rowan was very considerate towards my dog and our concern, and we appreciated it.

Denise Gardner

We always have a good experience when we visit your office!

Laura Binner

I have never been disappointed with the level of care we have received at Paoli Vetcare

Jill Schneider

I like the approach that Dr. Rowan takes. Conservative—not aggressive, a well-thought-out clinical approach.

Tim Pelura

We love Dr. Dawn! She is so kind and nurturing and clearly cares about the animals she treats!

Sheila Gillin

For the last 20+ years we have been very fortunate to have Dr Rowan as our dogs’ veterinarian. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, and a very skilled doctor and surgeon.

The staff is kind, helpful and dedicated. We highly recommend Paoli Vetcare!

Client Reviews 20 years

Gary And Sue Smith

Always feel my pet is appreciated and well looked after. Service is affordable as well.

client review Stephen Showers

Stephen Showers

Always excellent care for my Benji. The doctors know him and are always kind and loving towards him. Front desk staff is great as well.

Suzanne Domenick

Our dog, Cole, is treated well when we leave him for boarding or daycare. The staff enjoy seeing him. We do not worry, knowing the staff at Paoli Vetcare will take excellent care of him.

Cathryn Wessner

Paoli Vet Staff are very knowledgeable, helpful, courteous and friendly. My two dogs have received excellent care from Jay Rowan, for over 20 years!

Jay is a personable, knowledgeable, exceptional vet who loves his furry patients as does his staff.

Client Reviews 20 years

Mirella Raible

We’ve been clients of PVC for over twenty years. We’ve been through tough times over these years with the loss of our Golden’s. Dr. Jay Rowan has always been professional, kind and caring. Our new lab rescue loves his visits! PVC Rocks!

Deborah & Richard Kreamer

The doctor is knowledgeable and reasonable in his diagnosis and treatment. The staff is wonderful, competent and caring.

Susan Eichler

I enjoy talking with Dr Dawn. She is very informative, patient, and she seems to truly love working with animals. I trust her opinions and knowledge as a veterinarian.

Erin Reedy

They’re always friendly when I walk in the door. They take the time with our pets and don’t rush through the exam. I would highly recommend!

Mary V

It was so great to receive a follow-up phone call the day after my dog’s oral surgery just to check in on her well being. That extra step really makes you feel like your animal is cared for beyond the time they spend in the office.

Shannon Boyle

Dr. Rowan explains things so well. I love how he gets down on the floor with the dogs. He never spends my money on unnecessary testing. He always makes you feel like you are taking good care of your dog and gently gives suggestions to improve things.

Lisa Ostrich

Best vet clinic I’ve been to in Pennsylvania! Very caring, clean and thorough. Loved the staff  ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

Colleen Garbutt Fonts

Great service, I always feel very comfortable talking to everyone.

Bethany Rickard

I have been with this practice for 21 years and have always had great experiences, Dr. Rowan is the best. He saved our little Luna when she was just puppy. Without his persistence, knowledge and pure love for animals she would not be with us today.

Client Reviews 20 years

Patti O'Neil

We have been clients for 14 years with 5 dogs. Dr. Rowan is a caring, knowledgeable vet and diagnostician. I always trust my dogs are getting the best care. I have also used Paoli Vetcare’s boarding services and have been very satisfied. Highly recommend !!

Gail McCarthy

Dr. Dawn showed great care and compassion in dealing with my dog’s first teeth cleaning. I think I may have been more nervous than the dog, but I truly appreciate the follow up she provided in ensuring me and making sure my dog was doing well.

Denise Gardner/Scheinberg

Client Pets — Best Reviewed Vet


5-star Google Reviews


The staff at Paoli Vetcare and Dr. Dawn are literally angels sent from above. I have never encountered a more friendly, COMPASSIONATE, and thorough vet.

Every. Single. Staff member is amazing and I cannot be more impressed with this facility. I do not “technically” have children, but most of you who have pets will understand when I say that my 2 dogs are my children, they are the main components of what make up my heart and soul.

I wish I could shout it from the rooftops that Dr. Dawn is truly the best doctor ever. She calls to check in and it is clear she stays late to make phone calls to clients and tries to do everything in her power to make sure that your animal gets better and receives the best care possible. She has gone above & BEYOND for me multiple times and continues to do so.

In 2020 I was let go from my job of 5 years – Paoli Vetcare has consistently worked with me and Dr. Dawn has personally researched medication for my one dog Ramona, to try and find the best price for me so that I can save money. Everytime I get off the phone with her I just can’t believe how kind and caring she is.

So I definitely wanted to make sure I left a review to share with anyone looking for a new vet to look no further than Paoli Vetcare. I am so lucky I found this place and will always trust my babies in Dr. Dawns hands… Ramona (Morkie) & Josie (teacup yorkie) are forever grateful to Paoli Vetcare for making them feel better ❤️

Amanda Algeo

My husband and I had a consult and initial appt with Dr. Rowan today. Dr. Rowan came into the room and immediately sat on the floor with our dog. (We loved that).

He was interactive, kind, compassionate and totally unthreatening. He was thorough with his exam and spent a lot of time with us in coming up with a better solution for our dogs’ epilepsy.

He even followed up with a phone call after we got home with additional recommendations. I would highly recommend Dr. Rowan and Paoli Vetcare if in need of a vet with these special qualities. Thank you for your help!

Libby S.

Nextdoor Customer Review


Dr. Jay Rowan at Paoli Vetcare is wonderful! We have been going to him for years and love him! He has taken care of 6 of our dogs and they have loved him too! His office staff and vet techs are all great and everyone is so nice and love our dogs! (We have 3 French bulldogs.) Definitely a wonderful vet office!

Susan O.

Jay Rowan is a great vet. I love the way he practices medicine – very caring, compassionate, and practical. I trust him completely with my pets – we have been going to him for more than 10 years.

Betsy H.

Has been a very easy process getting my dogs meds on their online pharmacy and have them shipped to my home in only a couple days! Everyone has been very kind and responsive, called to check up on my dog after about a week of him being on his new meds. I highly recommend!

Postive 5 Star Customer Review

Jessica Ledbetter

Dr. Rowan has been taking care of my dogs and cats for 20 years. He is kind, patient and treats the pets with love. I have always valued his judgement and opinions.

All of the staff are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful—especially Emily and Janine. Everyone there is professional and caring. Highest quality vetcare on the Main Line!

Dr. Rowan is always kind and patient and really cares about all the animals. I couldn’t imagine bringing my babies to anyone else. 

Judi McMearty

Judi McMearty

You all care so much about my dog. I mention you a lot on Facebook!

Carolyn B.

Paoli VetCare is AMAZING! The Doctors and staff have taken care of our Samson for years and I know he is getting the BEST CARE AROUND!! Thank you for taking care of our 4-legged Baby Boy!!

Veterinarian Customer Review

Janine Evers

I could write volumes about our confidence in and appreciation of Paoli Vetcare and Jay’s expertise and knowledge – I’m always in a rush when I reply to the Nextdoor posts, so I don’t go into detail, other than to offer a high recommendation. As my husband says: “THIS is a man who paid attention in school!!” All our best.

Barb & Richard B.

We boarded our cat Smokey who is a diabetic and everyone there seems to take great care of him.

I have known Dr Rowan for many years. His fund of knowledge is impressive and he is down to earth. He loves his patients. I trust him to do the best for any pet.

Elana Kripke Client Reviews

Elana K.

We always receive great care for our pets. Both Dr. Rowan & Dr. Urioste are very down to earth and knowledgeable.

Always excellent care for my Benji. The docs know him and are always kind and loving towards him. Front desk staff is great as well.

Suzanne D.

Our dog, Cole, is treated well when we leave him for boarding or daycare. The staff enjoys seeing him. We do not worry, knowing the staff at Paoli Vetcare will take excellent care of him.

Cathryn W.

We love Paoli Vetcare. We have total confidence and trust in Dr Rowan and feel our dogs receive the best care possible. We wouldn’t take our pets anywhere else!

Susan O'Keeffe

My dog ate about three boxes of Girl Scout cookies a few nights ago and Dr. Dawn has been so great about checking in as he works the cookies, plastic, and box out of his system. I highly recommend Paoli Vetcare and thank them for taking such great care of my sweet boy!

Emma A.

Dr. Rowan and his staff have taken great care of our two dogs and cat over the years. Experienced, kind, and compassionate. We also love their boarding facilities!

Laura B.

Paoli Vetcare is now my vet!

I just moved here from Ephrata and had a cat suddenly get suddenly sick with a bladder infection. I called my mom’s vet (who we have gone to for 15+ years) and they said they could see her in a week?! These guys took her in the same day and I LOVED the place—they rocked!!!!

The whole vibe of the place was healing and fun. The doctor was fantastic. Dr. Dawn was great with my cat. I have found my new vet!!! 

Thank you!

Rebecca Smyth

Great, reliable vet and the employees and veterinarians are wonderful ????

Amanda B.

Friendly staff, facility is easy to locate, Dr. Rowan is a wonderful Vet!

Susan Walsh

Dr Rowan and staff always make bringing my dog to the vet a great experience! Friendly, knowledgeable and thorough!

Kristin Fix

Always have felt that the care at Paoli Vetcare is excellent and the doctors are caring and concerned. Excellent staff!

Betty Nunnari Client Review

Betty Nunnari

The staff at Paoli vetcare are dedicated to treating your pets like family and do all they can to accommodate you

Sharon Brenner

Dr. Dawn is incredible. The overall, cozy and warm feel of the office is very appealing, and I had a great experience.

Nancy Holmes

Jay is an extremely competent vet and has cared for my cats and dogs since he took over the practice 20+ years ago. I have the utmost of respect and confidence in his work with my pets. Members of his staff have also been incredibly kind and helpful!

Dr. Dawn is incredible. The overall, cozy and warm feel of the office is very appealing, and I always have a great experience.

Nancy Holmes

We have have been extremely satisfied consumers of Paoli VETCARE services for a number of years, wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else!client reviews Charlie - Linda Hock-Long


Linda Hock-Long

The doctors and staff are caring and kind, they are patient and understanding.

Yvonne Carroll

Dr. Rowan was very thorough in explaining potential solutions for my dog Max’s anxiety. I appreciate the time and suggestions!
We have been using Paoli Vetcare for the last 20 years for a few dogs and a turtle too—we are very pleased!

Client Reviews 20 years

Jennifer Nehr

I’ve been coming to the practice for 12 years. I trust the advice and care I received—the follow up has been excellent and I feel the doctors treat my dogs as if they were their own. Dr. Rowan is who I rely on when serious health issues arise.

Jane Disher

The care that my dogs have received has been excellent over the years!

Priscilla MacNeal

We have worked with Dr. Rowan for many years through various pets. He is always thoughtful, reasonable, and professional. We have the utmost respect for his opinion and the way he goes about his work.

Connie DiLucchio

I like the way Ava is treated when she’s at Paoli Vetcare. The staff and doctors are patient and kind, and I appreciate everyone’s courtesy.

You all care so much about my dog. I mention you a lot on Facebook!

Carolyn Blaine

I always feel that Dr. Rowan is concerned about which ever dog I bring in. Very knowledgeable and he obviously loves animals.

Gretchen Guttman

I have been a customer for over 25 years and I like the vintage warmth that I get—wish the fire place was lit on those cold winter mornings! I feel comfortable my pets feel happy. Jay Rowan is just like doctor James Herriott.

Client Reviews 25 years

Lee Huzzard

Charles and Dr. Dawn are soooo good to Pumpkin, Sugar and me! Charles does an excellent job of grooming (clipping) the cats, is so nice to them…

I wouldn’t want anyone else to groom them! Dr. Dawn is so pleasant, knowledgeable, and loving to Pumpkin & Sugar.

Loretta DiFerdinando

Dr. Rowan is the best vet we have ever had—he takes his time with our dogs to give them a thorough exam and charges very reasonable rates for all services. He is so kind and incredibly smart. The office staff is wonderful, too!

Kristin Fix

I trust Dr. Rowan completely. He is extremely knowledgeable and caring. I appreciate his practical approach in looking after my dogs. I always feel like he has their best interest at heart. I highly recommend him.

Betsy Hargus

Waldi is so comfortable going to Paoli Vetcare, whether it be for daycare or for a visit with his veterinarian. He recently had an annual checkup and Dr. Urioste actually sat on the floor with Waldi while she examined him.

Client Review Waldi Boettger

Maryanne Boettjer

I am always impressed with the staff at Paoli Vetcare. Dr. Rowan is a rockstar; he has knowledge, great interpersonal skill, and incredible sensitivity to our pets.


Gerie DiPiano

They are The Best! Dr. Jay is so personable and knowledgeable.

Anthony DiDonato

Dr. Dawn Urioste is the best doctor around and the staff is exceptional as well—especially Janine, Emily and Nancy. We know our cats are in the best care possible when they are at this vet!!

Dee Chiccino

Kind, courteous staff; knowledgeable vets!

Regina Demarco

Princess and I love Dr. Dawn. She makes Princess feel safe and loved. I tell Princess let’s go see Dr. Dawn she is ready to go. If you need a wonderful family vet, this is this place for you.

Angela Castiglioni Client Review

Angela Castiglioni

I will always recommend Paoli Vetcare. It is a second home to all our dogs & will continue to be.


By far, this is the best vet in the area. No off the wall treatments and straight forward advice from vets who are pet guardians themselves and treat yours like theirs. They meet the highest standards that I have set for pet care. Thank you.

Rebecca Winchester

We have been coming to Paoli Vetcare for many years and they have always been caring, helpful and responsive to our pets’ needs and our concerns.

Sean Axe

Midna is not the easiest of cats to deal with at the vet, but Paoli Vetcare always takes their time with her and reassures me. I really appreciate the extra care for our comfort. Thanks for keeping our pets healthy!

Denise Gardner

My pets receive great care – and the vets take a collaborative approach with me.

client reviews Dana Felt and Stewie

Dana Felt

Whenever I leave my Schnauzer, Browzer, with Paoli Vet Care I feel confident that he in the hands of people who are very fond of him and take his care seriously. That gives me peace of mind.

Browzer had dental surgery to have 27 teeth removed. He has a heart murmur & we had some concerns about anesthesia. The staff all show their love for Browzer who’s been coming here for 11 yrs. Dr. Rowan did an excellent job! ‘B‘ is doing great!

Marilyn Sifford

Dr. Dawn is knowledgeable and compassionate towards her patients. She listens to all questions and concerns, and answers thoughtfully. She was helpful without judging when I needed to make some difficult decisions.

Noel Bingham

Dr. Urioste has been a huge support system for our family as we cared for a pregnant feral cat and her kittens; we could not have gotten through this process without her. THANK YOU!!

Brenda Torches-Vega

They treat our family and our pet extremely well!!

Patricia Crawford

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars! I’ve been taking my pets to Paoli Vetcare for over 20 years and have been very happy with the care that my pets have received. The vets are extremely caring and have helped us when our pets needed it most.

Pat Dougherty

 My dogs have been patients there for years. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with their health. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Rowan, he’s knowledgeable, easy to talk to and understand, and he truly loves his patients, it shows!

June Gregory

The ongoing care for Regina has been outstanding. Dr. Dawn listens and addresses our concerns in dealing with a difficult cat and trying to find ways to treat her without increasing all of our stress levels.

Ilene Miller

Paoli Vetcare is wonderful. Our dog has had chronic medical issues since birth and Dr. Rowan and Dr. Urioste have both helped us manage his treatment plan and have guided us through some tough times. I highly recommend Paoli Vetcare.

Janet Ross

Dr. Dawn Urioste was so good with my cats and my kids. She listened to their stories and reports, and treated their concerns with an attentive demeanor. It was clear how much she loves animals when she handled my cats.

Tara Morrison

You have been the best vet for our pack of hounds for 30 years, and do a fantastic job for us, including treatment of injured hounds.

Jim Scharnberg - Master of Basset Hounds for Skycastle French Hounds, the only pack in the U.S. composed of French roughcoated bassets

On my most recent trip to the vet we were seen by Dr. Dawn. She could not of been more friendly and kind. I could see how much she truly cares for Sophie. Your staff as well is quite welcoming. I love to see a dog behind the counter.

Wendy Harbison

Jay Rowan is hands down the best vet ever! I trust him completely with the care of my dogs.

I love Dr. Rowan. He has a practical approach to taking care of animals and I appreciate the fact that he takes a conservative approach to treatment. It keeps the animals’ stress levels low and saves $$$!

I love the way Jay practices medicine – very caring and compassionate. We have been going to him for more than 10 years.

Betsy Hargus

Dr. Urioste loves her patients! She fusses over my pups when they arrive, and treats them gently throughout their exams. She really strives to lower their anxiety. By the end of the visit, she has my Scotties literally eating out of her hand.

Judy Govatos

We love Paoli Vetcare – even though it is a 45 minute drive, it is definitely worth it!

Carrie Buist Client Review

Carrie Bruist

Dr Rowan and his staff have done the best possible care for all my pets through the years and have grieved with me when some passed away.

Sharon Brenner

Clean office, helpful staff, knowledgeable caring veterinary physicians.

Edward Dotts

I love the team at Paoli Vetcare! Dr. Rowan has been taking care of our dogs for over 15 years. He is kind, caring, reasonable and runs a great practice. I can’t imagine taking Rosie anywhere else!

Client Reviews 15 years

Kerry Dolan

My cat was very ill and Dr. Rowan called every week to discuss how he was doing and the treatment plan and fully explained each option available… Happy to say my cat is now doing well.

Lisa Holloway

Dr. Rowan is knowledgeable and compassionate. The staff is always friendly and patient.

Raelene McCarthy

The only place for us—Love the Doctors and staff!

Sandra Norris

We have been going to Jay and his staff for years. We have entrusted ALL our cats (and previously dogs) to his care–which he has consistently administered professionally and caringly over these many years. Great assistants as well.

Donna Welsh-Johnson

Dr. Jay is just an incredible & friendly veterinarian!

Anthony DiDonato

Very good vet. I am very happy with the care we received. Dr. Rowan is very caring and knowledgeable and a very good communicator. I really can see his love for animals in the way he handled our dogs.

Mary Murphy

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Five stars. Paoli Vetcare meets all our needs as dog owners.

Jim Govatos

You guys have been caring for my pets for 17 years! I could never find another vet that’s more awesome than you guys ❤️  Thank you so much for all you have done for Piper. We can’t thank you enough!!!!

I like everything about this vet practice. The decor, the staff, the doctors, and how the doctors take the time to educate me, and not make me feel self-conscious for asking questions, everything. I have not one complaint.

I feel the staff genuinely treats my pets as if they were there own. I will continue to bring my pets. And, any future fur babies that may join our family in the future.

Donna Saporosa

We just love everyone at Paoli Vetcare. We have a long history there and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Sandy Norris

Our concerns about our failing older dog were addressed and we were treated with compassion and given informative, professional advice.

Beverly Nicholas

Paoli Vetcare was recommended to us when we adopted Miggs. We have been very happy with all of the doctors who provide care to our dog!

Ellen Sullivan

My dog is treated very well. The staff and doctors care for him and dote over him.

Scott Stanton

The best vet in the area hands down. Doctor Rowan gives an honest assessment and provides quality care for both our dogs. We’re lucky to have him in our area.

Matthew Kinsella

I feel that my pets are receiving the best care at Paoli Vet. The staff and doctors are very down to earth and always make me and my pet family feel welcome.
They provide me with the necessary knowledge I need to make decisions about my pets.

Mary Smith

Jay is so personable and everyone is so friendly and caring!

Nancy McMullen

Always received the best care from your vets.

Cheryl Marks

Dr. Rowan has provided expert, compassionate care for our pets for many years. We trust him implicitly. His staff is awesome too!

Linda Pittounicos

Doctors and staff are wonderful. Wouldn’t consider going anyway else.

Jessica Daily

I took my dogs to doggy daycare, and they always come back happy! I feel it’s a big advantage to leave my pets at a clean, well maintained place with veterinarians and well trained, qualified kennel and care staff.

Doggy Daycare

Adrienne Iloff

We have been going to Paoli Vetcare for years. Our pets have received great care and attention from Paoli Vetcare.

Katie Sullivan

Dr. Dawn really cares about her patients and takes great care of them. She is an amazing vet.

Teri Santivasci

As always great care, superior visits and caring boarding – plenty of TLC for Daniel Tiger, a friendly cute fellow, but high maintenance noisy cat and Colby Jack, a shy devoted pup, age 10. Thank you PVC!

Banny Ackerman (PORTER)

Extremely knowledgeable doctor who provides his full attention to your visit and is thorough with the examination. When needed a clear explanation is provided that easy to understand.

David Pilotti

Always great service and good to have a trusted place to board our pup when we’re out of town.

Richard Eller

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