Paoli Vetcare's Service Areas

Paoli Vetcare is proud to serve all the wonderful pets and pet owners of Pennsylvania! Our dedicated team treats every pet as if they were our own, and we are happy to offer a variety of services, from examinations to wound treatment to surgery.

Other pet services include:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Blood screenings
  • Pain management
  • Dental and Oral care
  • Urgent care
  • Parasite and disease prevention and control
  • Specialized puppy and kitten care
  • Pharmaceutical services
  • Senior care

Clients and patients alike have been wowed by our dedication to animals, our level of care, and the extensive knowledge of our robust team. When you walk through the doors at Paoli Vetcare you can be certain that both you and your animal will be loved and respected.

Paoli Vet Care provides veterinary services to the following areas:

We provide our award-winning veterinary services to many different communities, including:


One of our favorite suburbs in Pennsylvania, the diverse town of Ardmore is culturally distinct and beautiful. Its combination of residential and urban centers make it very attractive for pet owners, who love to take their dogs for walks in the historic shopping districts. Ardmore’s vibrant and pedestrian-friendly megaplexes and parks—especially those on Lancaster Avenue—are fantastic destinations for pet owners.

Bryn Mawr

Pennsylvania’s own “Big Hill” is the home of Bryn Mawr College and is part of the Main Line suburban villages that include many diverse and celebrated townships. Bryn Mawr’s is home to many of our most esteemed pets, and despite their small population they are robust with furry friends!

Chester Springs

Beautiful and picturesque Chester Springs is one of our most beloved Pennsylvania communities. This historic piece of American landscape is filled with dutiful and loving pet owners that we always love to see! We’ve proudly serviced the many furry babies of Chester Springs for years.


The revitalization and growth of Downingtown has brought in many new citizens, neighbors, and residents, and we’ve been happy to get to know their many pets! With commercial businesses, restaurants, and residences constantly growing in the community, its myriad pedestrian trails are very accessible to pet owners. We love taking care of the Downingtown animal community!


Exton has easy access to one of our favorite spots in Pennsylvania—the Chester Valley trail! We are always heartened to see the many dog walkers out running, walking, and enjoying the sunshine so close to Exton. With so many trails and so much exercise, we proudly serve the Exton community and their pets. Nothing makes us happier than keeping your furry babies healthy and thriving!


Lionville’s proximity to Exton makes it no less unique, and it’s another beloved community filled with pets that we love to see! One great thing about close-knit Pennsylvania communities is that their residents treat their furry friends with love, and we offer that same love and respect to anyone that walks through the Paoli Vetcare doors.


Malverna is a beloved village borough in southeastern Pennsylvania, close to Philadelphia. This quaint little town has seen a lot of growth in the last few years, and the revitalization of the residential community means more pets for us to see! As the community blossoms, Paoli Vetcare is happy to serve all the pets and pet owners of this robust borough.

Uwchlan Township

One of our favorite townships, quaint Uwchlan is a community Paoli Vetcare has been proud to serve for years. We are always amazed at the variety of pets that live in our beloved Pennsylvania towns, and how dedicated and loyal their owners have been.

West Chester

Paoli Vetcare has proudly served the borough of West Chester for several years, a township bustling with active residents and adorable pets. While West Chester has continued to change and grown, it’s still one of our favorite historical spots, with Downtown West Chester among the nicest to visit. We love every pet and pet owner of this distinctly American city!


Westtown Township is one of the most beautiful locales in all of Pennsylvania. It is beloved by Paoli Vetcare, with a diverse and robust community of both people and pets. With so much to offer, we have been happy to serve this city of friends and family for years!

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