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We offer a HEALTH GUARANTEE when your pet stays with us!

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Long term boarding—over 2 weeks—10% off

No one wants to leave their pet behind, but sometimes situations arise. Whether you’re out of town for a convention or it’s time for that yearly family vacation, you might need someone to watch your pet. Pet boarding services are much more than dog-sitting—if your pet is sick, recovering, or requires special meals and treatments, you need a trusted team that can cater to your fur baby’s needs.

Paoli Vetcare’s Pet Boarding Services include complete general services, medical boarding for pets with conditions, and precise treatments by veterinary professionals that can put your mind at ease during your absence. Our pet boarding center features services and accommodations that standard boarding centers can’t match, backed by the care you’ve come to expect from Paoli Vetcare.

Boarding for Dogs and Cats

Paoli Vetcare’s pet boarding services for dogs and cats have been specially formulated for the comfort, care, and attention of your fur babies.

Dogs are treated to a spacious indoor and outdoor center that allows plenty of room for playing, running, and relaxing. Your dog will have daily supervision during walks and when they are resting; in the evening they are served dinner, given additional playtime, and a final energizing walk before their bedtime. We love to answer questions about dog boarding, such as our 39 Best Dog Boarding Questions page!

Cats are fed to their owner’s specifications and veterinary requirements, ensuring their home routine is not interrupted. Paoli provides daily interaction with the kitties, which includes snuggles, playtime, and pets. Litter boxes are checked and cleaned throughout the day, and we refresh your cat’s room daily. Cat and dog boarding areas are separated, and both include medical check-ups and any additional details as per the direction of both the owner and the veterinarian.

We want your pets to feel safe with us, which is why we’ve done everything in our power to make the Paoli boarding facility a home away from home. From medical check-ups to playtime to regular feedings, you can rest easy while you’re away from your beloved pet. We also offer regular check-ins so that you can see how your dog or cat is doing!

Our Boarding Includes


Climate Controlled Dog Runs — Learn more: Best Choice Dog Boarding or Pet Sitter?

Climate-controlled dog runs and kennels are important for canines, especially during the summer and winter months when it’s easy for them to overheat or catch a chill. Paoli Vetcare’s climate-controlled rooms are a key component of our boarding services and ensure that your dog feels cared for and comfortable.

Separate Cat Facilities — Learn more: How To Find The Best Cat Boarding?

Cats can be persnickety, and it’s important they feel safe and comfortable. Cats and kittens require separation from other pets, and sometimes they need to be given space from other cats as well. Paoli’s separate cat facilities exist to provide your cat with comfort and support, especially if they are feeling anxious in your absence. Our cat boarding services include separate facilities where your cat can receive extra care and attention.

Doggy & Puppy Daycare

Paoli’s dog and puppy daycare facilities offer daycare, enrichment, comfortable overnight boarding, training, bathing, medical, and dietary services. We feature a team of highly educated and trained individuals who know how to care for all of our canine companions. With a state-of-the-art facility and unparalleled quality care, you can rest assured that your doggy or puppy is receiving the best attention available in our area, whether they are staying for the afternoon, overnight, or for a longer visit. We look forward to treating your dog as one of the Paoli family!

Veterinary Supervision

Sometimes our pets require additional medical attention, especially if they are recovering from surgery or suffering under a particular condition. Paoli’s veterinary supervision services ensure that your pet receives extra care, along with regular owner updates. We administer medications, ensure regular feedings, and make certain that your pet receives adequate exercise and rest. With around-the-clock veterinary supervision, you can rest easy knowing that your pet is receiving the highest quality care available.

Daily Dog Walks

Dogs require regular exercise, which is why we take them out for daily walks as well as provide plenty of playtime. All boarded dogs are given an evening walk before bed, as well as daily walks (and additional walks per owner or veterinarian specification). Your dog is walked outside and in our climate-controlled dog runner areas, ensuring that they receive plenty of exercise in your absence.

Medical Boarding — Fear Free® certified staff

Boarding and daycare environments can be filled with stressors for pets, even when they are designed to be a home away from home. Your dog or cat doesn’t understand why you’re gone and they are in a new place, on top of which they are surrounded by unfamiliar animals and people. Their daily sleep/wake/play schedule is different, there are new and unusual smells, and they have no idea when you are going to return.


Fear Free Certified Dog and Cat Boarding and Daycare Staff

Fear Free Boarding & Daycare Certification ensures that all standard and medical boarding is designed around thoughtful interactions for boarded pets. From kennel introduction to playtime to sleeping, Fear Free ensures that your pet’s environmental stressors are greatly reduced and that they receive the treatment and care required in your absence. Fear Free certified staff are given practical training and advice on exactly what to do in the case of any pet struggling with care, medications, or anxiety. Consider the Fear Free program to be an additional layer of assurance when you must leave your pet for boarding or daycare.

Prescription Diet for Sensitive Stomachs

Many pets require specific diets because of surgery, medical issues, a recent emergency, anxiety, or any number of reasons. Paoli’s veterinarians and specially trained staff ensure that your dog or cat receives the exact diet, feedings, and amount required to calm their sensitive stomachs. We can provide around-the-clock care and give you frequent updates on their status. Because our boarding services are provided by your trusted veterinarian, you know that even in your absence, your pet is receiving the best care possible.

Bathing, Medical Exams, Vaccines, and Procedures

Paoli Vetcare’s boarding facility includes many additional services to ensure that your pet’s stay is welcoming, comfortable, and soothing in your absence. We offer frequent bathing, medical exams, vaccines, medical procedures, playtime, exercise, and more. Your veterinarian and Paoli’s boarding staff will work with you to follow your pet’s required schedule to the letter.

Long Term Boarding

Sometimes things happen, and you need a dependable place where you can rest easy knowing your pet is cared for. Whatever comes up, whether it’s an emergency or a vacation, Paoli Vetcare offers long-term boarding solutions with the same level of care and attention you’ve come to expect from our daycare and boarding services.

Virtual Tours Anytime —Paoli Vetcare Hospital Tour

If you’re curious to learn more about Paoli Vetcare’s boarding & daycare, we offer virtual tours of our boarding facilities and pet hospital. Check out our space, see where your pet will stay, and feel free to ask us questions about any Paoli Vetcare services!

Why Paoli Vetcare


Guaranteed Safety and Comfort

Trust Paoli Vetcare to take care of your pet when you are away. Direct veterinary supervision in our clean, spacious kennels with a fenced exercise yard supervised by excellent kennel staff ensures your pets’ comfort and well-being. Separate, private cat boarding room. Learn more about various boarding options and prices — How Much Does it Cost to Board My Dog?

Assured Health and Wellness

HEALTH GUARANTEE — Free medical treatment for pets — if needed after you pick up. Occasionally, stress from missing their family causes upset tummies or other minor health problems. Pets who’ve boarded at Paoli Vetcare are seen by a vet and treated at no cost to you! Learn more about how to pick a boarding kennel — 39 Best Dog Boarding Questions

Professionally Trained Staff

Vet-supervised boarding means that your pet’s being constantly monitored by skilled staff—if a problem arises it is quickly seen by the vet immediately. Trained nurses perform all medical boarding treatments. Special diets are no problem and the rare health emergency is addressed promptly after consultation with you.

Engaging and Fun Activities

Boarding dogs are walked outside throughout the day and have group playtime. Clients love our inexpensive Doggy Daycare program. Only $24/day!! Our doggy daycare pups love coming to Paoli Vetcare. They get frequent group exercise in the backyard and plenty of TLC from our staff.



We are thrilled to introduce Ed Bradley, Paoli Vetcare’s Kennel Manager. Ed is one of the first people in the country to become a Fear Free® Certified Boarding and Daycare Professional!!

Ed started with us as a kennel technician, but through consistent hard work and dedication, quickly rose to a leadership position.


Ed’s love for animals began as a child watching the awe-inspiring documentary series Planet Earth. He enjoys environmental sciences, but working at Paoli Vetcare confirmed his deep appreciation and love for animals of all sorts.



He is dedicated to ensuring our clients’ pets are treated with the utmost respect, love, and care at all times. Ed treats your animals as if they were his own. “Miss Mary” — one of our house cats — is his favorite furry friend to date.

As Kennel Manager, Ed oversees the kennel technician crew. Kennel staff spends plenty of time playing with the pets, but they also serve a crucial role in keeping the kennels and hospital clean and organized for all of our staff, clients, and patients.

Ed was born in New York and moved to Audubon, Pennsylvania when he was five years old. He spent some time studying Accounting at Temple University in Philadelphia and was a member of Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity.

When he’s not at work, he enjoys being in nature and partaking in sports with friends. Ed is a wonderful addition to our Paoli Vetcare family, and we are all very grateful for his role within the hospital.

Boarding Service Areas

Our Prices

The cost to board your pet at Paoli Vetcare ranges from $24-$46/night, with the lowest rate for cat boarding and the highest rate for boarding extra-large dogs.

What Our Customers Say

I feel so incredibly lucky to have found such an amazing vet. My pup suffers from anxiety & Dr. Dawn has helped us immensely with finding what works for her. The girls at the front desk are knowledgeable, accommodating, & helpful. My dog absolutely adores going to daycare here & the staff that runs it clearly love their jobs. I would highly recommend Paoli Vetcare!

Megan Nolan

I can’t recommend Paoli Vetcare highly enough! I have been using them for many years with our cat & then with our dachshund, Minnow. Our new dachshund, Waldi, loves the place & can’t wait to get in the door & be greeted by the staff. I use their daycare service regularly & Waldi has developed many human & canine friendships. The staff all know him (and me) by name!! I feel totally comfortable leaving Waldi for daycare or boarding him for a few days.

Maryanne Boetter

Benji has been a patient at Paoli VetCare for 6 years now. From the very beginning they have been nothing but wonderful, caring and professional. I love the “hometown” feeling of this wonderful place. From the front desk staff to the docs it feels like home to us.

Suzanne Domenick

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