West Chester PA Vetcare and Veterinarian Services

Paoli Vetcare services many local families and pets from West Chester, PA. Our clients are willing to drive the ten minutes it takes to get to our animal hospital in order to receive the caring and knowledgeable service they know we will provide. West Chester, is a borough and the county seat of Chester County, Pennsylvania, in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.The population was 18,461 at the 2010 census. West Chester University of Pennsylvania and the Chester County government are located within the borough. Our veterinarians, Drs. Rowan and Urioste, have almost 50 years of veterinary experience combined, and are proud to provide high quality, targeted healthcare for your pets in the West Chester borough. We are proud of our reputation for accessibility and following through until all your pet’s issues are resolved. Expect our doctors to return your call promptly and to check on your pet’s progress.These conversations enable us to assess the effectiveness of our treatment plan and make adjustments when necessary.

West Chester, PA Veterinary Services

Our team of veterinarians proudly provide West Chester, Pa and surrounding towns such as Westtown, Exton, and Chester Springs with veterinary services such as wellness and preventative medicine, dentistry, surgery, radiology, and more. Paoli Vetcare prides itself in being able to provide the best possible care to your pet no matter their condition. 

Our appointments are 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the complexity of your pet’s problem. This time is necessary to obtain an accurate account of your pet’s problem, conduct a comprehensive physical examination, and discuss with you, in detail, how we plan to diagnose and treat the illness. Unlike most veterinary hospitals in the West Chester, PA area, that only offer 15-minute appointments, Paoli Vetcare always schedules extended appointments because we know that consistently good care cannot be given under rushed conditions.

West Chester, PA Dog & Cat Boarding Services

As well as veterinary services, Paoli Vetcare is also very proud to offer boarding services to the pets and families of the West Chester, PA area. Want to get away for a weekend and need a safe place for your pet to go while you are gone? You can trust Paoli Vetcare to take care of your pet when you are away. Our close proximity to West Chester makes it very easy to drop off your pet and feel safe knowing they aren’t too far from home. Direct veterinary supervision in our clean, spacious accommodations with a fenced exercise yard and supervision by our excellent kennel staff ensures all West Chester borough pets are comfortable and well-treated.

Vetcare Services in West Chester, PA

Animal Grooming in West Chester, PA

Dirty dog? Pampered pooch? Matted cat? No problem, let Charles and our grooming staff clean up your 4-legged West Chester, PA friend. We perform regular and therapeutic baths, breed-specific clips, and groom to your specifications. If your pet hates to be groomed, we can make the experience easier with a veterinarian-administered and monitored sedative. Sedation is only performed with your consent.

Pet Boarding Resources

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10 Senior Cat Care Tips

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West Chester Testimonials

By far, this is the best vet in the area. No off the wall treatments and straight forward advice from vets who are pet guardians themselves and treat yours like theirs. They meet the highest standards that I have set for pet care. Thank you. 

Rebecca Winchester

I love the vet that we have been seeing she makes me feel great and at ease about everything. Not to mention a wonderful sense of humor and she really shows that she cares. I feel as though your prices are extremely reasonable as well.

John Pernock

I called with a sick cat and I was a new patient. Was brought in the same day and LOVED the place! The vet our family had used for 15+ years couldn’t see us for 6 days? Paoli Vet Care is now my vet! Thank you!

Rebecca Smyth