A sensitive stomach can be a cause for concern in a dog or cat. Gastrointestinal symptoms can result from a wide range of health conditions in dogs and cats.

There are a few homemade foods that can help dogs with sensitive stomachs. Dogs prone to stomachaches can be fed fish (such as cod or herring), white potato or sweet potato, pumpkin, broths, lean chicken, grain-free dog foods, and single-protein dog foods. As always you should consult with your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s diet.

If you’re noticing vomiting and other symptoms, follow these steps to alleviate the symptoms and ensure your pet receives the medical attention they need:

  1. Choose quality wet or dry food to manage symptoms while avoiding common allergens.
  2. If your pet is experiencing disease or allergy symptoms due to a poor diet, the best thing to do is schedule an appointment with your vet.
  3. Schedule an appointment with Paoli Vetcare for personalized care and the best food recommendations.
  4. Take advantage of our new client exam and start your pet on the path to better health. The best thing to do is schedule a vet appointment to rule out any underlying condition that could be causing gastrointestinal upset in your pet.

To help you out with the above, here are some of the best options for cat food and dog food with a sensitive stomach.

Symptoms of a Sensitive Stomach in Pets

Any change in your pet’s behavior or mood can indicate a medical problem. Pets with a sensitive stomach will often have the following symptoms:

  • Vomiting, often undigested food
  • Diarrhea, constipation, or gas
  • Blood in stools
  • Lethargy and loss of appetite
  • Pain or discomfort in the abdomen

You can withhold food for 24 hours to see if the symptoms improve. If your pet’s symptoms continue or worsen, schedule an appointment with your vet.

If you’re wondering what to give dogs for vomiting, you can try feeding a bland diet for a few days, for instance, by offering boiled chicken and rice.

Common Causes of Sensitive Stomachs in Pets

Your vet will perform a series of tests to rule out common health issues that can cause gastrointestinal upset. These conditions can include:

  • Stress: A change in your pet’s environment can trigger an upset stomach.
  • Pancreatitis: This condition causes the pancreas lining to swell, resulting in abdominal pain.
  • Parasites: Worms and other parasites can cause vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Canine parvovirus: This highly contagious virus often causes fever and an upset stomach.
  • Gastroenteritis: Gastroenteritis in cats and dogs is an inflammation that can result from an infection, parasites, or other causes.
  • Feline coronavirus: This virus can cause respiratory symptoms, but some cats also vomit.
  • Foreign objects: Swallowing a foreign object can cause a wide range of gastrointestinal symptoms.
  • Allergies: It’s possible for animals to develop food sensitivities, especially when trying a new food.

Other causes include cancers, ulcers, and IBS. The treatment your vet recommends will vary based on your pet’s diagnosis, but it will likely include some dietary changes to address the gastrointestinal symptoms.

Best Food Options for Pets with Sensitive Stomachs

The best dog food for sensitive stomach can vary based on what’s causing your pet’s symptoms.

Best Dry Pet Food for Sensitive Stomach

Dry kibble tends to be more affordable, making it a good option for managing upset stomach in the long term.

Burns Pet Nutrition Hypoallergenic Complete Dry Dog Food

Burns Pet Nutrition Hypoallergenic Complete Dry Dog Food offers a comprehensive line of dry dog food products formulated for managing gastrointestinal symptoms. It’s the best dog food for dogs that vomit a lot, thanks to its highly-digestible ingredients and simple recipes.

Most products use quality protein sources like chicken and lamb. Brown rice introduces carbs as well as fiber to support digestion.

The brand also makes a hypoallergenic mixer that you can add to a home-cooked meal to ensure your dog gets all the vitamins and nutrients she needs.

Alpha Sensitive Complete Dry Dog Food

Alpha Sensitive Complete Dry Dog Food is the best dog food for a sensitive stomach if you have a pet that is sensitive to common ingredients like wheat. Plus, it’s a gluten-free product, which can help with symptoms like gas and bloating.

This recipe uses beef and poultry, but you can also find an Extra Sensitive version that uses duck as its main source of proteins.

Hill’s Science Plan Sensitive Stomach and Skin

Formulated with allergies in mind, Hill’s Science Plan Sensitive Stomach and Skin avoids common triggers that can result in gastrointestinal upset and itchy skin.

This product is the best dry dog food for a sensitive stomach, thanks to the recipe that uses chicken and barley. You’ll also find beet pulp, a prebiotic that supports fiber intake.

Plus, this product is the best puppy food and the best food for small breeds because of the small kibble size.

Best Wet Pet Food for Sensitive Stomach

Wet food can be more appealing to a pet who has lost her appetite. It’s also a good way to maintain hydration levels if you’re dealing with vomiting or diarrhea.

Royal Canin Dog Food Sensitivity Control

Royal Canin dog food sensitivity control makes the best wet dog food for a sensitive stomach. The brand’s Dog Food Sensitivity Control product uses duck and rice, two ingredients that are easy to digest.

The simple recipe reduces the risks of food intolerance, and the addition of fatty acids supports skin and digestive health.

AVA Veterinary Approved Optimum Health 1+

If your cat is struggling to keep food down, the best thing you can do is feed your cat the highest-quality food available.

AVA Veterinary Approved Optimum Health 1+ is an excellent option. This wet food is appealing with its chicken and gravy flavor, and your cat will get the proteins she needs thanks to the chicken, tuna, and pea protein.

This food also includes sunflower and fish oil, two ingredients that support overall health while being easy to digest. You’ll also find chicory root extra listed on the label, which has a probiotic effect.

Blink! Chicken Selection Variety Pack Wet Cat

Blink! Chicken Selection Variety Pack Wet Cat is a great way to introduce different smells and flavors to motivate a cat with little appetite.

Blink! offers a chicken multipack with flavors that include roasted chicken, roast chicken and fish filet, and more. Each option uses high-quality protein sources and ingredients that are easy to digest.

Address Gastrointestinal Symptoms Now

If your vet recommends a diet change, you can manage your pet’s symptoms by choosing quality wet or dry food that uses quality ingredients while avoiding common allergens.

At Paoli Vetcare, we offer veterinary services in the Paoli, PA area. If your pet is experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms, we can put together a personalized care plan and recommend the best food to manage the symptoms after running a few tests.

Get in touch with us now to schedule an appointment!

Dr. Erin Downes VMD

Dr. Erin Downes graduated valedictorian from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1992. She and her husband, Dr. Jay Rowan are the owners of Paoli Vetcare | Main Line Vet & Animal Hospital.