Your Experts In Overall Pet Health

Do you have lingering questions about your pet’s health that you’ve been afraid to ask? The licensed doctors at Paoli Vetcare have decades of personal and professional experience, and we are extremely passionate about pet health. A pet’s wellbeing goes beyond biannual examinations and vaccinations—pet health is a daily endeavor, a mixture of diet, exercise, positive reinforcement, and environment. We love all our pets at Paoli Vetcare, and our caring staff has been hand selected because of their deep empathy and mindfulness for all our furry friends. Whether it’s a routine checkup or health emergency, you can rest assured that Paoli Vetcare handles every case with the utmost urgency and care.

The Importance Of A Healthy And Happy Pet

It’s important to get your annual or biannual veterinary checkups for your pet, but have you ever wondered why? Maybe you’ve shrugged off the appointment, thinking these exams don’t really matter, that your pet seems to be healthy enough. If your cat or dog seems friendly and behaved, then that’s good enough right?

Overall pet wellness is immensely important, and the health of pets is something of a puzzle. Pets have schedules just like humans down, and regular wellness exams are paramount to their longevity and livelihood. Pet health and wellness is much more than getting shots or getting their biannual checkup. When your friendly local veterinarian regularly sees your pet, that builds a camaraderie and understanding with the animal that allows them to foresee medical issues, prevent diseases, and properly update their medications.

Wellness care is necessary for all animals, and your veterinarian is trained to examine your pet in a way that you are not. Your Paoli Vetcare doctor checks everything from teeth to hygiene to exercise to nutrition, and compares their health today to their health yesterday to properly figure out how their health might be tomorrow. By getting these regular examinations, your pets will be less likely to have emergencies down the road.

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