Pet Microchipping

Why You Should Consider Microchipping Your Pet

If you’re the type of diligent pet owner that worries about losing your dog or cat, you may have considered microchipping in the past. Microchipping is a safe, painless, and effective way to get your pet registered in a system that’s far more permanent and reliable than a name collar. Our area can be busy, and sometimes pets become struck with the overwhelming urge to explore. Microchipping increases the chances that your pet will be returned to you in a short time, and Paoli Vetcare is here to administer the procedure and give you peace of mind!

What Exactly Is A Microchip?

On average, one out of every three pets gets lost at some point in their lives. That chance should be more than enough for you to consider microchipping your pet, to ensure that if they do get lost they will be returned to you.

A microchip is a frequency transponder that carries its own unique identification number. It’s very small—smaller than a Tic-Tac—and is easily and painlessly inserted beneath your pet’s skin. Once it’s scanned by your local veterinarian, it transmits its unique ID number constantly, allowing any veterinarian or shelter to contact you if the animal is found. Microchips have no moving parts and require no batteries. The process is just as easy as a routine vaccination.

Once you register your pet with the national pet recovery database, you can rest easy knowing that you are part of your animal’s recovery process. Enter all the relevant information so that once your lost pet is found, they can be easily returned to you or to someone within your household. Remember to regularly update your contact information on the registry, especially if you move.

What Are The Benefits Of Microchipping My Pet?

Have you ever lost your pet? It’s a harrowing experience. Losing a pet can be very frustrating because your pet is more than likely confused and scared and doesn’t know how to get home. While many people collar and name tag their pets, collars and tags are not enough. They can easily be removed, fade with time, and there’s no guarantee that even if someone finds your pet they will know how to return them or even want to.

A microchip is a foolproof way to quickly identify your pet if they ever become lost, or stolen. A microchip offers instant and permanent identification that can be accessed easily from your phone or other smart device. While microchips aren’t a replacement for a GPS, they’re still extremely useful in locating your last pet. Microchips are permanent since they’re implanted beneath your pet’s skin, and they provide instant contact if a veterinarian or shelter finds them.

Microchipped pets, on average, are up to twenty times more likely to be reunited with their owners. The procedure for a microchip implant is fairly simple, relatively inexpensive and holds minimal risks. If you have the means or opportunity to microchip your pet, it’s a smart way to ensure that if they ever become lost you will be reunited.

How To Register a Microchip

How To Register a Microchip

  Whether you’ve just adopted a new puppy or kitten or are recently finding out about microchips, there are many ways you can benefit from microchipping your four-legged family members. We explain how to register a microchip the easy way!     Learn How...