Pet Food

Know The Value Of Pet Food

As a dedicated and vigilant pet owner, you’re probably aware that good pet food is a more complex issue than “wet” or “dry.” Your pet’s food is an enormous component of their overall health, and Paoli Vetcare is here to help you figure out what exactly is best for your furry friend. Just like humans, pets have dietary needs and restrictions, allergies, and preferences. Does your dog or cat prefer a certain brand or flavor? What do they need to manage their weight? How often should you feed your pet, and what time of day is best for them? During your pet examinations, we are happy to recommend the very best pet food that will keep your fur baby happy and healthy!

What makes puppy food “good?” Ideally, any food you purchase for your puppy from your trusted neighborhood pet store should contain all the vitamins and nutrients necessary for healthy growth. The truth of the matter is that pet owners are often overwhelmed with options, almost all of them claiming to be the “best.” 

So, What Is Good Puppy Food?

Many people feed their dogs and puppies either dry kibble or wet food from a can. While these types of ultra processed foods may not seem appealing, they’re specially designed to hold all the essential vitamins and nutrients your puppy needs to stay healthy and grow up strong. The highest quality dog food is a specially crafted and regulated substance put through rigorous testing to deliver the appropriate mixture of proteins and vegetables that your good boy (or girl) needs.

The Nutrition Of Puppy Food

Fortunately, the definition of the “best” food is fairly straightforward—the best food will provide your puppy with a balanced formula of everything they need. Where it gets complicated is, like humans, every puppy is different. They have required nutritional needs, serving sizes, and vitamin balances. 

All dogs require a certain range of nutrients that changes as they get on in years. Puppy needs are different from adult dog needs, and ideally you should be feeding your puppy the nutrients that stimulate the specific aspects of their life. Ask your veterinarian about the nutritional requirements of your puppy if you’re unsure, and they will provide you with a knowledgeable recommendation that will keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

Nutrition Myths

Like any commercial product, there is plenty of bad dog food out there, including misinformation to get you to waste money on a product you don’t need. Always check your sources, maintaining that the nutritional claims of the puppy food you buy are backed up with requisite scientific evidence and study. 

Always go with your veterinarian’s recommendation, and find out early if your puppy has any food allergies. Some puppy foods are grain-based or contain certain animal byproducts, and they don’t always come from a good source. Vet your puppy’s food the way you would their own, and give them only the best.

The Best Pet Food For Puppies

Many pet food companies make special formulas that are key to puppy foods and early dog life, which is where you should begin your search. Consult your veterinarian and ask them what stage of dog food is best for your puppy, even if you believe you can make the right assumption on your own.

Your puppy needs a specific nutritional balance, depending on their breed and diet. Some puppies can eat dog food that’s made for “all life stages,” while others require specifically-branded puppy food.

Wet Or Dry?

Dry food is what’s most widely available, is often more inexpensive than wet food, and stores better. Wet food is a great alternative, and while it is more expensive your puppy will probably find it tastier, which is great if your dog is a picky eater. Dogs have appetites just like humans do, and even if you find a nutritionally perfect food for your puppy’s diet, they may not enjoy the texture or taste. It could take a few attempts to find the perfect dog food!