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“a clean pet is a healthy pet”

Why Is Pet Grooming So Important?

Regular pet grooming is much more than a fur and nail trim. The myriad misconceptions around pet grooming are one of the reasons that pet owners don’t bring their pets in for a professional grooming session nearly as often as they should. A good grooming session improves a pet’s overall health and wellbeing, and benefits the entire family. Grooming is more than a bath—it resets your pet’s entire hygiene.

A good and proper grooming session has a host of benefits, such as removing fleas, ticks, and shedding. When you groom your pet, you get ahead of unhealthy conditions, find and identify potential underlying issues, and identify diseases. 

The potential issue is that some pets just don’t like being groomed! This can be a challenge, and it affects the owner as well and makes them think twice about scheduling an appointment. Professional groomers are specially trained to take care of your pets, and will give them the love and attention they deserve. The grooming process should be considered an important aspect of a pet’s training, and the more they receive proper grooming, the more acclimated they’ll become to it.

The Benefits Of Professional Grooming

Disease Detection and Prevention: When you take your pet to a professional, they will receive many benefits that you cannot give them yourself. Professional veterinary groomers don’t just trim and shampoo, they look for potential health problems that could crop up in your furry friend’s life.

Grooming Maintains Health: You want your cat or dog to be healthy for the entirety of their life, and frequent grooming maintains this standard of health. Regular baths don’t maintain proper pet hygiene, and they need more attention than an irregular bath. Plus, regular grooming benefits the pet owner by incentivizing them to upkeep on brushing. Regularly brushing your pet strengthens your bond and frees them of mats and knots.

Proper Grooming Prevents Joint Pain: Caring for your pet’s nails is a major aspect of their overall health. When pets walk on uncut nails, they eventually misalign their pads which can cause hip and joint problems. With proper grooming and trimming, your dog will stay strong and healthy.

Grooming Encourages Positive Behavior: When you regularly groom your pet, you will see marketed improvements in their mental health. Your dog or cat is more than “just” an animal, they’re a living creature that benefits from being good-smelling and good-looking. Any positive reinforcement they receive from you and others over their look and smell will increase their overall health.

Pet Grooming Services: 


  • Full-service professional groomer now on staff!!
  • Breed-specific clips and cuts
  • Cat & dog bathing & brushing
  • Minor clipping: clean feet, face trim, & sanitary trim or potty cut—trimming hair around the rear end to prevent fecal matter from adhering.
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning
  • Anal gland expression
  • Medically-necessary pet grooming under sedation



We are proud to offer grooming services by Nea Oliviera for your pet. Our groomer is highly trained and has experience working with a variety of breeds.

Professional grooming can spot hidden issues in your pet’s skin and fur.

During your pet’s grooming appointment, our grooming professionals will carefully check every inch of your furry pal’s skin — looking for cysts, tumors, external parasites, skin allergies, wounds, and other problems that our veterinarians can address immediately.

Without a trained eye evaluating your pet’s skin, ears, and coat health, issues can go unnoticed for far too long, increasing in severity, and creating undue discomfort.


“I am a grooming for 10 years and I always say this is not a job, but for me it is Therapy! I love grooming so much because I believe I can help the pets feel better with a fresh haircut, ear clean, nail trim and a good bath. I started pet grooming because of my dogs, Austin and Jet. 13 years ago, I usually took them to a grooming place at center city Philadelphia and they always came home sad! At the time, I didn’t understand why. Until, one day, I found out that the reason my dogs — that I love so much — were sad was because they were getting abuse at the groomer. I promised my dogs that I would never let anybody hurt them again. So I learned how to groom dogs by working at pet salons for years. My promise to you and your pets — I will never hurt them because I know the pain. (This is a true story).”

— Nea Oliveira