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What Does Fear Free® Certified Mean?

Founded in 2016, Fear Free® is a service that provides both in-person and online education opportunities to veterinary and pet professionals, pet owners and animal welfare communities. Their courses are written and developed by a long list of the most respected pet and veterinary experts across the globe, including veterinary behaviorists, anesthesiologists, pain experts, internists, and technicians, as well as experts in animal training, grooming, boarding, shelter and more. Fear Free® is one of the most life-changing initiatives in the history of animal companion practice, with a focus on emotional well-being, enrichment and the reduction of fear, anxiety and stress in your pets.



Why Is Fear Free® Certified Important?

The Fear Free® organization want the best for your pets, and so do we! We know your pets are your family, and they deserve that same love and treatment from their friendly neighborhood vet.



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Fear Free® is better for everyone

The stress and anxiety associated with bringing your pet to the veterinarian can oftentimes be a deterrent, not just for your animal but for you as well. Fear creates trauma in both patient and pet owner, which leads people to visit their veterinarian less or not at all. Fear Free aims to restore that lost trust with a reliance on true health experts that reduce the feeling of stress for everyone involved.

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Dr. Erin Downes graduated valedictorian from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1992. She and her husband, Dr. Jay Rowan are the owners of Paoli Vetcare | Main Line Vet & Animal Hospital.