Live Free From Anxiety With Paoli Vetcare Boarding And Daycare

Not every pet owner has the privilege of leaving their furry friend at home with a family member. If you have to work or if you’re gearing up for a big vacation, rest easy knowing that your pet has a home away from home. We provide climate controlled rooms, separate cat facilities, bird boarding, doggy daycare, daily walks, long term boarding options, medical exams, and more. We even have virtual tours of our facilities if you’d like to check us out beforehand! At Paoli Vetcare we truly believe that every single pet is a blessing, and we are overjoyed to take care of your pets in your absence. Give us a call!

What To Look For When Boarding Your Pet

If you’re looking to board your dog or cat for an upcoming trip, there are a few things to take care of to make sure it’s physically and emotionally comfortable for them, and psychologically comfortable for you. There are many options out there when it comes to pet boarding—in addition to the traditional boarding kennels, there are cat and dog sitters aplenty that might open their personal homes to your furry friends.

To start, ask your trusted local veterinarian for good boarding kennels or pet sitters. Recommendations are important, and you can also check-in with family members and friends to give your pets the care and attention they need while you are gone. 

There are a few things you can do to prepare for the boarding experience, such as: 

  • Contact the dog sitter or kennel way ahead of time and schedule a visit with your pet before you leave.
  • Make sure the kennel is certified, and if they’re an individual you can interview them and their repeat customers.
  • Find immunization requirements ahead of time.
  • Look for clean and secure conditions.
  • When you meet the caretaker, take special note of how they are with your pet.
  • Set up any medication and healthcare needs ahead of time.
  • Evaluate their staff.
Dog Boarding Prices and What To Consider

Dog Boarding Prices and What To Consider

Leaving your furry friend behind can be stressful; sadly, it is sometimes necessary. If you’re going on a vacation, traveling for work, or attending an emergency, you need a good dog boarding facility that you can trust. A dog boarding facility or daycare can provide...